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Upcoming Meeting: September 19th at 7 at:

The Lewis House 4026 Lakewood Drive 

If you are interested in owning a historic home, please check out our new FOR SALE page.!

B  E  S  S  E  M  E  R  H  I  S  T  O  R  I  C  S  O  C  I  E  T  Y  .  C  O  M

Bessemer Historical Homeowner's Association

Coming Soon! HISTORIC RENOVATION Awards!  We will be announcing the stipulations for our 2016 Renovation Award in Bessemer here next week. Look for our ads in the Western Star News!

The Castle

(Scott-Vines House)ca.1899, the most photographed home in Bessemer and site of a  motion picture, is not only one of the most beautiful historics in our community, but featured nationally as a pristine example of Queen Anne Victorian design elements.

The Moody Mansion(Judson-Moody House) ca.1887, Jefferson County's largest 19th century home and the site of numerous paranormal studies is has undergone extensive renovations since its purchase and continues still.

​​HISTORIC Bessemer Places in Peril

​​1703 3​RD avenue n                                                             1701 3RD aVENUE n

The board will be conducting an extensive exploration of saving these two properties and overseeing their proper preservation through our own volunteer labor efforts and a committee that is looking into adaptive reuse possibilities. If you have any information about the two homes or have an interest in purchasing, please contact us! We are working with the city and the property owners and hope to have updates here very soon!

Good News for Preservation in Historic Bessemer!

The Stover-Wilson House, a ca. 1926 English Tudor on Clarendon Avenue that had fallen into extreme disrepair in recent times, has a bright future ahead! Negotiations for the purchase are reportedly settled and a complete preservation/reno project is being meticulously planned by member Wes Sims. We can't wait to see the coming progress! Thankfully he will be changing the red and returning it to a classic Tudor color scheme.

We are a non-profit group dedicated to the education and the preservation of historic homes , structures, and neighborhoods in Bessemer, Alabama. You do not have to own a historic home to join our movement. 

Revitalizing Bessemer, Al

                         One house at a time!